Need some help? You can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions asked by our customers here.

  • What is SINX? is the only place you need for anything adult. Its a place to see and be seen, to find or be found. To Find - With SinX you can find anything to do with adult lifestyle. To be Found - if you have content, service or anything adult related to offer (even yourself) then we are the place where you can promote yourself and be seen.

  • What is SinX Club?

    SinX Club is a section for registered users that has no other costs and requires no use of credits. You get 1500+ rotating club videos, 500+ niches, sinbux wallet, follow/like/report and more. Please note, you must be have a registered account in order to access this area.

  • What is SinX Plus

    SinX Plus is the name of the game when it comes to content which needs to be paid for with SinBux (Credits). It is an extra level of satisfaction with countless pay-per-view videos, 1200+ niches, 1-month channel subscriptions and even more.

  • What are Sinbux?

    Sinbux are credits/tokens you need to purchase content and services. Add sinbux anytime in you account area.

  • Is SINX free of charge?

    Yes, in nearly all instances SinX is free of charge. What is free of charge - Searching, finding and browsing results, trailers and all content labelled free. Link submissions are also free of charge if you are the content owner or person associated (Click here for more information). What is not free of charge – SinX Club registration and SinX Plus paid per video content / flat rate channel access. Link submissions from commercial affiliates used to promote third party products also require payments.

  • Are there cross sales or hidden fees!

    Absolutely not, That’s 100% correct. You will never experience any cross sales or hidden fees.

  • Are the payments recurring or non-recurring?

    We offer both. Recurring payments are made to for comfortable access and Sinx Club performance. All other transactions (Sinbux/Credits, verifications, etc.) are 100% non-recurring to make sure you only pay what you purchase.

  • What are categories?

    Categories are tags indicating the activity/action/type of the content, for example blowjob, anal sex, teasing, tickling, glamour, amateur. There are also tags to identify performer type, example nationality, hair colour, lips , breast size , eye colour.  And finally Categories also shows the times the content was produced , like 70s, 80s, 90s .. 2005 beside specific situations, like public, outdoor, airplane, bus, school or hospital, etc.

  • What are dress codes?

    Dress codes are the styling of the performer / clothing. For example short skirt, crotchless panties, belts , glasses , this is also about the fabrics. For example nylon , pvc , lace , satin etc etc.

  • What are characters?

    Characters means the qualities distinctive to the individual and their personality, Example of this could be funny , shy , dominant , submissive etc .. or its a role they are playing. For example school girl , army girl , secretary etc etc 

  • Are external links safe?

    All links added will be monitored and any abuse reported.  We use state of the art  software and manual reveiws to keep you safe. Due to user submissions we would always recommend you use an up to date browser and anti virus software as this will add an extra level of protection to catch any malicious links.  If you do find a malicious link then please report it immediately and we will take action on it right away. 

  • What is your Refund/Chargeback policy?

    It is very simple and fair: a refund is absolutely possible as long as you did NOT stream or download any movie. After you chose to stream or download a movie a refund is not an option anymore.

    We have a ZERO TOLERANCE strategy for fraudulent refund requests and chargebacks in general. Every fraudulent refund request or chargeback will result in a legal dispute without exception.

  • What about my personal data?

    We do NOT store personal data at all, except for your email address. Please check out Privacy policy and GDPR policy for further information.

  • How to protect my kids?

    Safeguarding our children is a must, to help with this we have put together some important links below.

    - Windows Parental Control Software
    - Apple Parental Control Software
    - Parental Control Bar
    - More tools

  • Are billing providers safe?

    We only work with reputable billing companies that are compliant with Visa, Mastercard and all other major payment providers since many years. If we believe a billing company is not safe or otherwise not matching with our guidelines, we simply dismiss this provider.

  • Can I advertise here?

    Yes you can! We offer many different options and a dedicated team, who can help you to promote yourself and your services etc. Please follow this link for more information.

  • Can I submit links & data?

    Absolutely, yes we would love you to do this. This is the essence of SinX and whats even better is that its completely free.
    Please follow this link for more information and our guidelines to make people find you.

  • Can I upload & sell?

    Yes you can, you can open studios and channels. For more information please click here.

  • Can I become an affiliate?

    Of course, we would be happy to talk to you about our affiliate program. Please click here to find out more.

  • Problems logging in

    We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your login details. First step would be to click here and follow the instructions for retrieving your details, if for any reason this doesn't fix the issue then please click here to contact our dedicated support.

  • Problems with sign up

    Please contact our dedicated support by clicking here. They will assist you in finding out the issue regarding the sign up and try to remedy this for you.


Want to know how to get more exposure? Our guide to submitting your links will help get you started with us.

  • Can everybody submit links & data?Can I upgrade my account?

    Absolutely, we would love you to do this. This is the essence of SinX and whats even better is that its completely free. Please follow this link for more information and our guidelines.

  • How targeted are submissions?

    This is simple, the better & more detailed you are with your submissions, the more people will find you and the more success you will have. Make optimal use of the title, description, preview and tagging on each and every submission.

  • How to create free submissions?

    It's a simple form you will use to submit single link. If you have many links to submit (like stores, webcam  sites, agencies, video sites or marketplaces) we recommend bulk submissions. For more information please click here.

  • What can be submitted?

    Everything legal and adult related, for example pay sites, videos, toys, clip stores, escort services, goods, and much more. You have it , we list it.. If we dont have it we will add it. The more you submit, and the precise you are the more exposure you will gain. 

  • Are there any submission rules?

    3 Simple rules: 1. Only use visuals you have permission to use . 2 Do not submit anything that is banned or don't use banned words (see here our banned submissions)  3.  Do not submit pranks, malicious links, copyright or otherwise infringing links. For a detailed view of our submission guidelines, please click here

  • Can I change my submissions?

    Of course, you can make changes to your submissions at any time. Any changes will be sent for moderation and approval before they go live again.

  • How to submit many entries?

    Bulk submissions are a basic feature to import a large amount of data. For more information please click here, one of our dedicated team can help you with the process. 

  • How can I track my submissions?

    Once you have created an account you will be able to track all your submissions inside your own account. You can see the status of all submitted links inside your account. To manage your bulk submissions please talk to your dedicated account manager.

  • What is your "Backlink" policy?

    We require a back link from your website in the menu or in the footer to any domain beginning with It makes sense to target the back link by type of usage (search, videos, etc.), tag or keyword or even a shortcut (link to yourself at

Account & Features

Everything related to your account and the features we offer on can be found here.

  • Do I need a registration and why?

    You only need a registration to use certain services that Sinx offers. Searching, finding and browsing results and trailers is completely free of charge. To enjoy SinX Club and Sinx Plus you will need to create an account.

  • How to sign up?

    Registration is easy and your account will be created in seconds. Follow this link to register instantly!

  • What are Preferences & Filters and how to use them?

    Setting your preferences in your profile will make it simple for you to see only the content you want to see and to get rid of the stuff you don't like. Preferences work as filters and can be changed anytime of course.

  • What is the difference between VOD, Club and Free?

    Is content that is paid for with SinBux (Credits) , to be able to purchase the VOD content you need to register with a SinX club account and verify your account.

    SinX Club
    This is a section for registered users that has no other costs and requires no use of credits. You get 1500+ rotating club videos, 500+ niches, sinbux wallet, follow/like/report and more.

    This is content, links and results that are totally free and don’t require any account.

  • What is the difference between VOD or monthly subscriptions?

    Video on demand (VOD) allows you to watch "A la carte", and only pay for what you watch or download. Monthly subscriptions give you full access to the chosen channel and its content for a full 30 days. This subscription is non-recurring.

  • What means "download to own"?

    Download to own allows you to download the content and store it as you wish on your own or any other device.

  • What means "streaming rental"?

    Streaming rentals allows you to stream the content on any device and as many times as you wish within a 24 hour period. 

  • What is the (backup) library?

    No credits .. computer crashed .. Don't want the videos on your device? No problem! All your previously purchased content will be placed into a cloud server that can be accessed and streamed or downloaded by you anytime, anywhere. This does not include "streaming rentals", it includes all "downloaded" or otherwise by "monthly flat rate" purchased videos.

  • Do favorites work also like a wish list?

    Mark anything you like or want to check again later as a favorite and in future you can quickly and easily access it in your favorites section. Keep browsing and enjoy later.

  • How to use/add Sinbux (credits)?

    Using and topping up your Sinbux (credits) is very simple. Simply add Sinbux (credits) to your account by using your favorite payment method and thats it. Using Sinbux (credits) is simple too: see something you like , click it and basically thats it. NOTE - we will always ask you to confirm your purchase to avoid any mistaken purchases.

  • Do you have "One-Click Payments"?

    One click payments take away the hassle of filling in all your information evertime you require a new purchase.  With one click all you need to do is click your purchase, confirm with your password and click "enter".  This is to prevent unauthorised purchases and keep your account safe.

  • Can I see my purchases?

    Of course, Under your profile you have a link named "credits/shopping".  Click that and you will see everything you have ever purchased. We want you to feel safe and at home so put big attention on transparencey.

  • Do you have a customer support?

    Yes, of course. We want to make customers feel like family and friends. So, for any support issues please click here. All queries will be answered within 12 hours. 

  • What makes the "report" button?

    We want to create a great user experience and a nice place to stay for you and us. When ever you find an issue (bad content or scam or anything) please let us immediately know! To report an issue all you need to do is click the report icon next to the link you would like to report.  Follow the onscreen instructions and that is it, We will then look into this right away and take the relevant action. If you have any issues with reporting and it is urgent then please click here

  • Where can I manage my account details?

    In the section "Account settings" you can find and edit all the important information about your account such as passwords and so on.

  • Do you offer alerts, notifications or messages?

    Yes, Inside your account you have an internal mailbox that we will use to send you notifications and alerts about your account status as well as any relevant content or promotions that may appeal to you. These notifications can be found directily within your account.

  • Is there a section to manage my flat rates?

    Yes, in this section (called "monthly flat rates") you will find all current and previus flat rates you ordered. Here you can also "reactivate them.

  • What type of submissions I can make?

    Submissions are designed to make people find you and your products or services when they use our search engine or directories. You can submit links to you or your preferred website (social media, online store, paysite, clip store, ...). Find out more information about submissions and also bulk submissions (large amount of links), please click here.

  • How to close my account?

    In order to close your account please Click here. You will need to select the topic close my account and then follow the instructions. Our support staff will take care of this process with you. Please note that if you close your account we will delete all information that was related to the account, this includes any stored content you may have purchased in the past.

Money & Payments

If it's about money, payments and purchases then you are in the right place.

  • Do you do cross sales or charge hidden fees?

    No we dont. We are strongly against them, there will no hidden or extra charges on your account ever, no products you did not selected.

  • Available payment methods?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards, in addition to this we also have some country specific payment method.

  • How to verify my card/account?

    Click "Verify My Card" when logged in, and complete the purchase of a non-recurring micro transaction, labelled as "DMM Digital Approval Fee". We'll charge an amount between 0.09 and 0.99 Euro.

    To complete the approval process, we will ask you for the exact amount that was charged to you or alternatively a photo/video of your card, proving the ownership.

    After verification approval you will receive 15 free Sinbux (credits).

  • Can I wire money directly?

    This is not possible at this time but we will notify everyone if this becomes available.

  • What name appears on my statements?

    It will appear as " Digitial " and not mention products, services or adult content anywhere.

  • Why was my payment delayed?

    This could be for many reasons, we suggest contacting the billing company direct or our dedicated support team on one of the links below:

    - VXS Billing Support
    - Segpay Billing Support
    - Contact us

  • Are payments safe?

    Payments are 100% Safe and secure. We use the very latest in secure servers and  SSL technology on all transactions without any exceptions. All our billing partners are certified, monitored and regulated.

  • Billing Provider Support

    Please visit the dedicated billing support for VXS, SEGPAY or our SINX support team:

    - VXS Billing Support
    - Segpay Billing Support
    - Contact us

  • SINX Customer Support

    If you require any additonal help, please follow this link to contact our dedicated support team.

Upload & Sell

Start uploading your content and make extra income with our easy-to-use guide available to all customers.

  • How to open a studio/channel?

    We have made this as easy as it can be, click this link and then follow the onscreen instructions to meet your dedicated account account manager. They will guide you.

  • Who can open a studio/channel?

    Basically Anyone.. Yes thats right,  If your content is legal and you have the rights to it. This is based also on international regulations. Please check our guidelines for regions and exceptions here.

  • What are the requirements?

    This is easy, you must have the rights for the content, it must match our guidelines and be legal.

  • How much money can I earn?

    51% of the net revenue. Net revenue is with any chargebacks, refunds and refund fees deducted as well as affiliate payments and thats it.  We take care of all other costs for example billing , hosting, euro vat, gdpr, etc

  • When do I get paid and how?

    Payments are sent monthly for the previous period, Please note payments are only released once you have reached your minimum payout. Payouts can be made from wire or paxum.

  • Can I use other people's content to sell and make money?

    No, this is not allowed unless you have written consent by the sole / original owner.

  • How to sell & set prices?

    You can set any price.. No restrictions.. You do this through inside your account profile by selecting the video and then setting the price an discounts. As easy as 1 . 2 . 3 . If you do need any help then we are here and happy to assist. Please ask your dedicated account manager.

  • How many channels can I run?

    No limitation , but we recommend no more than 25 channels under 1 studio.

  • How to upload videos?

    Uploading videos is easy, we are using an ftp based online upload tool which makes it simple as 1 2 3 which gets your content directly to us. the rest we will do... OR give us access to your member area (if you have a paysite) we do the rest.  

  • What previews can I set up?

    You can choose from automatic screencaps or upload your own preview cover as a PNG or GIF. You can also choose between an auto generated teaser or upload your own trailer. But most likely our team will make those for you.

  • Can I upload a trailer?

    Yes of course, or you can have our script automaticaly generate one for you.

  • How important is the tagging?

    We do it for you BUT Tagging is beside the price the most important part of selling content. without proper tagging the customer will struggle to find your content and you will sell less. The more accurate your tagging the better exposure ,and the more sales. 

  • Do I need to name perfomers?

    You dont need to do this BUT we strongly recommend you do unless you have a reason not to do so. Adding the performers name will increase the exposure and traffic your content receives.

  • How to add tags or performers?

    After uploading your video you will see the options for adding tags and performers.  All you need to do is select the relevant tags one by one and they will be added to your video.

  • What languages do you support?

    You can create titles and description in any language you want.

  • Do I need to offer discounts?

    No you dont,  It is up to you to offer these discounts or not.

  • How to pimp my channels?

    You have an avatar and a background header / wall paper as well as the possibilty to use the wallpaper as a channel intorudction trailer.  Anything can be changed anytime you want through your account or dedicated account manager. 

  • How to close my studio/channels?

    Closing your account is not a problem.  Please visit our dedicated account manager in order to start this process.

Business, Money & Career

For all general enquiries relating to our business, including content purchase, employment opportunities and more.

  • How to perform in your videos?

    If you would like to perform in our videos then please click here and fill out the form.

  • Do you buy good traffic?

    Yes we do, please offer us your traffic and/or publicity here.

  • Can I license your content?

    Big part of our content is available for licensing. Please meet our official agents here.

  • Are you also purchasing content?

    Yes we are, we are always looking to purchase good content. Please provide more information about your content here.

  • Can I/we produce videos for you?

    Of course,  there are 2 options for this.

    1 - You can produce and sell it directly through our site with your own channel. Click here to create an account
    2 - You produce and sell it to us. For more details please click here to contact us

Contact us

If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQ or just need some extra help then please use the form below. Please choose the correct topic when contacting us.

* If you use a free email account please also check your spam folder for replies from us!!!