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  • What is SINX? is a video marketplace that gives you a safe and flexible way to consume content.

  • Is SINX a safe website?

    Yes of course. All content and links are monitored so that you dont need to worry about any of the latest malware , phishing and virus problems.

  • How do I register?

    Registration is easy. Simply go to the registration page, input your email address and password , then confirm your email address onscreen with the code you received by email. Thats it.

  • Is SINX free of charge?

    Yes, Sinx is free of charge to register and open an account. If you would like full functionality then you need a Sinbux subscription package which starts from only 19.99

  • Why do I need a Sinbux subscription?

    A Sinbux subscription enables the full functionality of your account, backup library, making purchases , adding non recurring credits etc.

  • What is the Bonus $$$ program for users?

    We pay 25 Sinbux (credits) per user you refer, Share our links everywhere on the internet & earn $$$.

    Click here for more information.

  • How can I report a problem with a video?

    This is very easy, to the right hand side of the video you will see 3 small dots. Click that icon and select report, after that you just follow the simple instructions.

  • How can I send feedback about a video?

    This is very easy, to the right hand side of the video you will see 3 small dots. Click that icon and select feedback, after that you just follow the simple instructions.

  • How can I report general issues/problems?

    We have a dedicated 24/7 support team on hand to assist with any issues/problems you encounter.
    Simply click here to raise a ticket.

  • Is my personal data safe & what do you store?

    We do NOT store personal data at all, except for your email address. Please check out Privacy policy and GDPR policy for further information.

  • How can I protect my kids from watching porn?

    Safeguarding our children is a must, to help with this we have put together some important links below.

    - Windows Parental Control Software
    - Apple Parental Control Software
    - Parental Control Bar
    - More tools

  • No cross sales or hidden signups at all?

    Absolutely not, That’s 100% correct. You will never experience any cross sales or hidden fees.

Account & Features

Everything related to your account and the features we offer on can be found here.

  • Why did we remove Pay-Per-Category from Sinx?

    A while ago, we introduced cashtags to sinx as possibility to gain access to videos by topic.

    Unfortunately, this feature hasn't gained the traction with the users that we expected so we've made the difficult decision to remove cashtags.

  • What is Pay-Per-Video?

    Pay-per-Video (VOD), Countless new videos at best prices & great discounts.

    Click here for more information.

  • What is Pay-Per-Channel?

    Pay-per-Channel will give you access to all content within that channel and anything added to that channel within the 30 days of your channel subscription.

  • What are the benefits of the library?

    All of the videos you have ever purchased at Sinx, or have already added to your library are accessible forever. Even if they are no longer available in the store or channel, they will be in your backup cloud. All you need to keep this access is an active Sinbux subscription or a your Account to be in Standby Mode.

  • How can I get free Sinbux (credits)?

    By using our Bonus $$$ program.

    Click here for more information.

  • How can I use the credits (Sinbux) that I have?

    Using Sinbux (credits) is simple: see something you like , click it and basically that`s it. NOTE - we will always ask for the last 4 digits of your verified card to confirm your purchase.

  • How do you protect my account?

    Any activity involving real money or sinbux ( credits ) require the last 4 digits of your verified card, without this no transactions can be made.

  • Where can I manage my subscriptions?

    Under your profile you have a link named "subscriptions". Simply click that to manage all subscriptions, cancel and reactivate.

  • Where can I see my purchases & transactions?

    Under your profile you have a link named "payments". Click that and you will see everything you have ever purchased.

  • Can I pause and reactivate my account?

    Yes of course, you have full control through your dashboard within your profile.

  • Why do you send notifications?

    We send notifications to keep you informed of any important information regarding SINX and your account. This can be upgrades, new additions, news or specials to make your experience even better.

  • How can I change my password?

    All you need to do is click Settings under your profile and then follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Do I have to use set preferences?

    Setting your preferences in your profile will make it simple for you to see only the content you want to see and to get rid of the stuff you don't like, this is an optional feature and doesnt have to be used.

  • How can I terminate my account?

    In order to close your account please Click here. You will need to select the topic close my account and then follow the instructions. Our support staff will take care of this process with you. Please note that if you close your account we will delete all information that was related to the account, this includes any stored content you may have purchased in the past.

Money & Payments

If it's about money, payments and purchases then you are in the right place.

  • What are the prices & fees?

    We have 3 Sinbux subscription options available to suit your usage, 19.99 ( 15 Sinbux ), 29.99 ( 25 Sinbux ) and 49.99 ( 45 Sinbux ).

  • Can I change my Sinbux subscription?

    Yes, you can control your Sinbux subscription from the Payments link within your profile.

  • What happens when I cancel my Sinbux Subscription?

    Your account will go in to Standby Mode where you will be able to access any content that you have unlocked. This mode will deduct 4.99 Sinbux (Credits) each month.

  • If I subscribe to a Channel and don't have enough Sinbux for the Standby Mode fee, will I still be able to watch the videos that I subscribed to?

    Yes, as long as you have an active subscription to a Channel you can access those videos.

  • Can I cancel my Sinbux subscription without going in to Standby Mode?

    No, as long as you have credits on your account you will have access to the content that you have unlocked. This is to ensure that you do not close an account with credits on it that you can no longer use.

  • How can I add more credits?

    Click, add Sinbux link or payments under your profile, on the right hand side you will see all options. Simply click the amount you would like to purchase and then confirm with the last 4 digits of your verified card.

  • Are One-Click payments safe?

    Of course, One click payments take away the hassle of filling in all your information everytime you require a new purchase. All you need to do is click your purchase, confirm with the last 4 digits of your verified card "enter". This is to prevent unauthorised purchases and keep your account safe.

  • Why do I have to verify my account?

    This is simple, it is to keep the site and you, safe and secure for all by ensuring only the person who owns the card can make any transactions / payments.

  • How do I verify my account?

    Click "Verify My Card" when logged in, this link can be found at the top of your dashboard or by clicking your profile. Once clicked you simply follow the onscreen instructions.

  • What is 3D secure/code?

    3D Secure protects a buyer's credit card against unauthorized use when shopping online. It uses a password related to the card or an instantly generated code (mTan) that is sent by SMS or push notification (app) to the buyer. The buyer confirms the purchase by entering this password or code during the payment process. It's some type of 2-Factor Authentication

  • What payment methods do your offer?

    We accept all major credit, debit cards and virtual cards.

  • What will be written on my bank statements?

    It will appear as " DMM Digitial " or " Digital " and not mention products, services or adult content anywhere.

  • Are payments & billing providers safe?

    We use the very latest in secure servers and SSL technology on all transactions without any exceptions. All our billing partners are certified, monitored and regulated. We only work with reputable billing companies that are compliant with Visa, Mastercard and all other major payment providers since many years.

  • What currencies do your support?

    It doesnt matter, we convert any currency.

  • Can I ask for a refund?

    Please refer to our refund and chargeback policy by clicking here.

  • Why do you take legal action against a chargeback?

    Chargebacks are criminal and cause additional costs and are not acceptable. Click here for more information about our refund and chargeback policy.

Upload & Sell

Start uploading your content and make extra income with our easy-to-use guide available to all customers.

  • Can I upload videos and earn money?

    Yes you can! Just head over to and get all the information you need to get started.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Of course, we have a standard system built inside for studios to refer and an advanced for traffic professionals which can be registered for here.

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